There comes a point in every homeowner’s life when it’s necessary to have professional roofing work done, whether it’s basic repairs or a full roof replacement. If the time has come for your household, we’re here to assist! Let’s discuss our team’s process and our wide variety of service offerings.   

Schedule an Inspection

First things first, you’ll need to schedule a 100% free, no-cost, no-obligation roof inspection with our team. You can fill out our short online form by clicking here. Once you’ve submitted your information, one of our friendly representatives will be in touch regarding your upcoming availability. Each of our roofers is a HAAG-Certified roof inspector for residential roofs, so you know you’re in good hands when you come to us. This certification is one of the most prestigious in the industry, and it communicates the level of skill and care that our roofers bring to each project.  

Our Team Conducts an In-Depth Inspection

During the inspection, your roofer will evaluate the integrity of your roof and identify any problem areas in need of repair. They’ll keep a detailed record of any issues they come across, whether it’s missing shingles, mold and/or mildew, soft spots, or something else entirely. After the inspection, they’ll generate an easy-to-understand action plan to resolve all of your roofing issues in the most cost-effective way possible. The roofing industry is full of complicated terms, so we’ll make sure the report is free from jargon. We’ll use layman’s terms so that you can understand exactly what needs to be done to your home’s roof.  

We’ll Prepare a Detailed Estimate 

We understand that having roof work done can often be stressful and confusing, so we’ll provide you with a clear, straightforward breakdown of everything you need to know regarding the next steps for getting your roof in tip-top shape. In the estimate, we’ll note the costs, proposed materials to be used in the repairs, an estimated time for completion, and a list of any unexpected costs that could occur during the repair process. We’ll be here to answer any of your questions or address any of your concerns, so that you’ll have the complete picture before moving forward.  

Work Begins on Your Roof

Once you’re ready to get started, our skilled team will begin to complete the necessary repairs to your roof. If you end up needing a full roof replacement, this process will typically take two to three days for smaller homes and three to five days for larger homes. These timeframes include everything from demolition and prep work to replacement and cleanup. Whatever roofing service you need, we’ll keep you updated on the progress and the next steps. When you come to Five Points Roofing Co., you can rest assured knowing that our skilled team of professionals will be here to help with your every roofing need, including:  

  • Manual roof inspections 
  • Roof inspections via drone  
  • Shingle roofing 
  • Metal roofing 
  • Claims for defective Atlas Shingles 
  • Roof washing  
  • Storm and hail damage repairs  
  • Full roof replacements  

Learn More

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements, so it’s essential to keep it in good working order for years to come. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help, contact us today and let’s talk. We’re here for you!