Who is “Chuck in a Truck”?

You’ve seen them, they’ve probably knocked on your door after a storm. Out of state license plates, beat up pickup trucks, no branded uniform. That’s “Chuck in a Truck”. Here’s 7 things to think about when getting a quote or “temporary repair” from one of these “roofers”.

They Just Came To Educate..

Lol.. you know better than that.. Chuck’s mantra is ABC… always be closing. Likely they’ll try to get you to sign on the spot, 5 minutes after walking in your door “promising” they’ll get everything taken care of, or that they’ll be under your insurance estimate so you’ll be able to pocket some cash.

They Offer Lifetime Labor Warranties

HAHHAA. What a joke, if you don’t think Chuck will be gone by the time an inevitable roof leak or other problem shows up, you’re mistaken. By that time they’ll be in Kansas with Dorothy chasing another storm.

They Can Get Your 6,000 Square Foot Roof Done In A Day

Maybe they can. But at what cost to you?

Missing fasteners, nails in your yard for you to step on like Marv from Home Alone, improper installation, no local building code compliance. You name it, they didn’t do it.

They’ll Protect Your Most Valuable Investment

We won’t damage anything during install they said. We’re super careful they said.

You’ll could end up with damaged landscaping, oil stains on your driveway from the El Camino that dropped off 90 bundles of shingles, damaged brick or siding, or much worse. Are they the ones that’s going to pay for the damages they caused?

They’re Working On Your Neighbor’s Roof

Are they though? May want to double check with Steve and Susan next door before trusting this. If so, ask your neighbors to compare estimates.

They’re Fully Insured, Licensed, And Bonded

Really? Why do you have out of state plates then on your 92′ Toyota pickup? It’s always smart to pull the GC or Home Improvement license before contracting with anyone. You can do that here. Just remember, an injury on-site without proper insurance and licenses could put your bank account at risk.

The Contract Amount Will Be Your Final Invoice

Oh.. would you just look at that… They happened to find out there’s actually more shingles needed then they originally anticipated. Also did you know you had damage to the decking and they had to replace that too? That’ll be an extra $3,000.00 due to the clause in their contract that says you owe for whatever they ask for. While this can be common even in legitimate situations, you can pretty much guarantee “Chuck” is going to ask for more money at some point. A legitimate roofer will prep you for as much as they can up front.

The Bottom Line

Make sure you know who you’re hiring. Do some google searches, read reviews online, ensure they’re a licensed and insured roofer, don’t just take their word for it, it could come back to bite you.