Not all roofs are the same, and many factors go into providing a roof replacement cost for a new roof on your Nashville area home.

What type of roof are you replacing? Asphalt shingles or metal roofing material? Are you looking for a premium product with higher solar reflectivity to lower energy costs? Do you have any unknown storm damage that may be covered by your homeowners’ insurance? All these factors come into play when it comes to the cost of roof replacement for your Nashville area home, and there are many more variables than just that to determine the average cost of roof replacement. If you’re looking for an exact figure, it’s always best to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate with one of the experts at our local Nashville roofing company to get the exact roof replacement cost figure.

Read more on this page for factors that go into pricing a new roof installation and typical numbers you can expect for roof replacement costs. You can also fill out our roof replacement cost calculator to get a general idea of pricing in the Nashville / Brentwood / Murfreesboro area using different materials and levels of quality.

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Factors That Determine Roof Replacement Costs

Size of Roof

A main factor in determining roof pricing and cost of replacing a roof is the actual size of the roof. Roof size is the overall roof area typically measured in “squares.”
1 square is equal to each 10ft x 10ft section or 100 square feet.

Tear Off

Roof pricing can vary depending on the number of layers of shingles currently on the existing roof. If there is more than one layer, all layers will need to be torn off and disposed of. The more layers there are, the more it can cost to replace a roof due to the work and disposal that will be required.

Type of Roofing Material

There are many variables when it comes to roofing material. Options range from Metal, Standing Seam Metal, Asphalt, Wood, Slate, etc. and the prices of all these types vary drastically due to numerous reasons such as lifespan, quality, aesthetic, color, energy efficiency and much more.

Level of Roofing Material

Every roofing material usually has different levels of lifespan and features. For instance, different levels of shingles can have higher solar reflectivity, which equates to a greater home energy saving. However, they also come with a more premium cost to replace a roof.

Slope of Roof

Roofs can range in total slope from flat all the way to a dramatic pitch, or ESR (extremely steep roof). These steep roofs are much more difficult to install and therefore come with a price premium.

Roof Complexity

Roof complexity typically has to do with the shape and number of ridges and valleys in your roof. Think of a simple roof having four sides. More complex roofs have more valleys, multiple pitches, skylights, etc. and due to this, can be more expensive to install.

Number of Stories / Roof Height

Higher roofs, or homes with multiple stories can be more difficult and expensive to install due to the requirement for larger ladders and different safety equipment.

Average Roofing Costs (2000 Sq. Ft Roof)

For a basic 2000 Sq. Ft Roof, the average costs of roof replacement across Middle Tennessee are:
Average Shingle Roof Installation Cost: $12,000
Average Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation Cost: $25,000

These costs may be significantly lower if there is storm, hail, or wind damage as in these events, you may only be required to pay as little as $500 depending on your insurance policy.

Roof Replacement Cost Calculator


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This roofing cost calculator is not intended to replace an actual roof inspection or roof estimate for your home. Many variables come into play when calculating the cost of installing a new roof. Homeowners insurance may cover many of the roofing costs if you have storm damage, in this instance we suggest calling to set up a free inspection. This roofing cost calculator is intended to give you an average idea of roof replacement costs in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Spring Hill, Thompson’s Station, Hendersonville and more.

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