Having a clean roof does more than simply boost the aesthetic quality of your home, roof maintenance promotes longevity and preserves the integrity of your home. A buildup of algae or mold often leads to roof discoloration, and if left long enough, they can eat away at your shingles. This compromises the quality and overall health of your roof, which in turn can possibly void your warranty or lower the value of your home. Repairing or replacing a damaged roof is a tall order, so it’s vital that you care for your roof which can include taking steps to keeping it clean and polished. 

There are often several service providers in a community that offer roof maintenance opportunities. To best serve our clients and the communities we serve, our team has identified some of the most effective techniques that will best rid your roof of stains, mildew, algae, and mold. 

High-Pressure Power Wash 

High-pressure power washing is often what people think of when it comes to roof cleaning, and while it is cost and time effective, it only works for certain types of roofs. High pressure washes work great on metal or tile roofs. However, the pressure can cause permanent damage to shingle roofs. Plus, sometimes the pressure alone doesn’t get rid of the root systems of algae. 

Chlorine Bleach Roof Cleaning 

Chlorine Bleach roof cleaning can effectively attack stains on your roof. It uses chlorine bleach and sodium hydroxide mixed with other chemicals, like trisodium phosphate. The process for this type of cleaning is simple— the chemicals are applied to the area, allowed to dry, and then reapplied a second time. In the months after treatment, these chemicals work together over time to lighten and remove even the most stubborn stains, mosses, and lichens.  

This method is more affordable than others, but homeowners should pursue this cleaning with proper cautions. Since the tough chemicals can have lasting effects on the environment, and the solution can bypass runoff recovery systems, there is always a chance that this process could harm landscaping or pollute waterways. More than that, the harsh odors of the chemicals used can cause harm to people, pets, and wildlife in the area. Working with professionals and trusted companies on this process allows homeowners to have a brilliantly clean roof and keeps the environment around the home safe.  

Eco-Friendly, Low-Pressure Wash 

Chemical-free, low-pressure roof cleaning methods is another option for homeowners to pursue and is gentle on both your home and the planet. By avoiding chlorine bleach, phosphates, and high-pressure washing, this process will remove stains from your roof without wear-and-tear and is guaranteed to keep you and the environment surrounding your home safe. This gentle cleaning method saves both your landscaping and your shingles, so it is favorable for those with older roofs or homes located in heavily forested areas. 

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Having a clean roof does wonders for the look, health, and value of your home, as well as your energy costs. If your roof needs some care, Five Points Roofing is here to help. Our team is well-versed in providing excellent cleaning and washing services for shingle, metal, and slate roofs. Contact us today for a free consultation— we’re here to help you get your roof back to its original, pristine condition.