Winter can bring an array of precarious weather, from ice storms and snow to frigid temperatures. Your roof can be especially susceptible to damage in these conditions. In this article, we’ll go over four common roofing problems that occur in the winter and how to fix them.



Icicles can be gorgeous, hanging from your home, shimmering in the light of day. However, they can also be dangerous. The weight of the ice can pull on your gutters, leading to possible damage. These structures form when snow begins to melt and run down your gutters in sub-freezing temperatures.

So, how do we prevent the conditions leading to their treacherous formation? Simply, employ the same strategies used in the fall for clearing out leaves. Snow can easily pile up in a gutter that contains debris, just be sure to routinely clean your gutters to avoid excess formation of icicles.


Flashing Leaks

Like any water damage, flashing leaks can be devastating to homeowners. Flashing leaks are caused by water seeping through the roof flashing of a house. Roof flashing takes the form of a metal sheet placed around joints and protrusions of a house such as chimneys, windows or vents. Flashing fills the space between roofing materials and exposed surfaces to deter water and moisture from seeping in.

In the winter, problems can occur when water gets between the flashing and expands from the freezing process. You can prevent deterioration of flashing by inspecting your home and making repairs before winter arrives.


Ice Dams

Ice dams appear as snow accumulation on the outer edges of a home. Much like the name implies, they dam gutters and cause lots of problems like too much l weight on the outer edge of a roof or too much pressure to the shingles. Ice dams accumulate when heat rises from the attic, melting the snow at the top of the house. The snow melt proceeds to refreeze on the outer edge of the roofing, causing a dam.

Get ahead of the game with ice dams, by making sure your attic is properly insulated and has proper air circulation. Taking these precautions will evenly distribute temperature while inhibiting heat escape.


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