The main purpose of gutters is to funnel water away from your home’s foundation and if they aren’t in good working order, the damage can compound quickly and result in huge repair costs. Here are six common gutter problems and how to fix them!

Drainage Issues

The most common issue homeowners experience when it comes to their gutters is clogging, which can lead to drainage problems. Once debris builds up in your gutters, this will back up the normal flow of water and cause damage to your foundation and siding.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend performing maintenance twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Regular check-ins will prevent small problems from snowballing into expensive ones.

Drooping Gutters

In addition to causing drainage issues, gutters that are weighed down by leaves, standing water, and twigs can start to sag and droop. This usually occurs when the hangers, which are the hardware that attaches the gutters to your house, are too loose.

To solve this problem, start by doing a thorough cleaning and then break out your screwdriver to tighten the screws.

 Leaks and Holes

With your gutters out in the elements all day, there are plenty of opportunities for damage to occur that can result in leaks. If you notice a stream of water escaping from your gutter, make sure to seal it as soon as possible to prevent damage to your foundation.

For smaller leaks, you can simply use a gutter caulk, but for larger holes, you’ll need to patch the area. Fortunately, affordable patching kits are available at most hardware stores.

 Weather Damage

Especially during hurricane season, your gutters may experience some form of damage. Heavy winds, intense rainfall, and hail can dent, puncture, or even knock down properly installed gutters. After a large storm, it’s essential to assess the damage and determine if the gutters will need to be patched, rehung, or replaced altogether. While investing in these repairs might be a hassle, you’ll end up saving money down the road by prioritizing the health of your home’s foundation.

 Improper Pitching

In order for gutters to function properly, they must be hung at the correct angle to allow for proper water flow and drainage. If your gutters are improperly pitched, you’ll likely notice standing water after storms and this is a sign that repairs are needed. Sometimes it’s as simple as bending the gutter back into place, but for more complicated cases, it’s important to contact professionals.

Inadequate Gutters

Your gutters are a vital part of your home and an inadequate system can result in massive repairs. If you’re in need of new gutters, make sure to contact a professional to get assistance with installation. If you’re looking to save big while giving your home a much-needed tune-up, our full roof replacement package is a fantastic option. It includes brand new gutters, a high-quality roof, expert installation, and the best-in-class service you deserve.

Need New Gutters?

Gutters are part of a full roof replacement – If you’re interested in receiving assistance from our team, make sure to contact us today. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Five Points Roofing includes new gutters for your home with all full roof replacement projects.