With the springtime comes along freshly blooming flowers, warmer weather, and chirping birds. However, it also brings heavy rains and harsh winds that can put the integrity of your roof in jeopardy. Whether your roof is brand-new or raking in the years, it’s important to prepare it for the upcoming weather changes. Proper preparation and maintenance will ensure that despite the extreme weather conditions, your roof remains in good shape for years to come. 

Address Damage From the Winter

It’s no secret that the snow and ice of winter can harm your roof. This is why it’s important to have a professional inspect your roof following the cold season. They will look for damp areas, holes and tears, blisters, mold growth, swelling, and other signs of damage. They’ll also check the interior of your home, specifically in the upper level and/or attic, to identify signs of water damage on the ceilings and walls. Addressing these issues early will save you a huge amount of time, money, and effort. We’re proud to offer a 100 percent free, no-obligation roof inspection for qualified homes. If you’re interested in scheduling your appointment, click here.  

Give Your Roof a Thorough Clean

Now that the weather is getting better, it’s a great time to grab your toolbox and start the process of cleaning your roof. If it’s been a particularly damp winter, the excess moisture may have caused unwelcome foliage to make itself at home on your roof. So, go ahead and check your roof for any signs of algae, moss, or plant growth, which can create weak, soft spots in your roof and lead to water damage. You can try to brush the overgrowth off first, but if it doesn’t seem to be budging, you might have to purchase a roof-safe cleaning solution. Once you’ve finished with this process, remove any debris, such as leaves, twigs, branches, and acorns. You should also clean out your gutters to prevent blockages. If you’re not in the mood for a DIY project, you can always contact us for assistance.  

Say “Goodbye” to Unwanted Pests

Springtime is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation for all of us, including bothersome pests. To protect your residence from potential damage, you should search for any ants, termites, squirrels, or birds that have decided to set up camp on your roof. Pests tend to search for vulnerabilities in your roof, such as holes or tears, and use them in the creation of their homes. Termites are especially harmful and they can cost homeowners hundreds or even thousands of dollars in home repairs. If you inspect your roof and find that there’s a large amount of animal life living there, you should consider calling your local extermination company so that they can address the issue in the proper manner. 

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