We’ve updated this information December 22, 2020
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A Brief History of Atlas Chalet Shingles

In the late 90s, Atlas Chalet Shingles were created as an affordable alternative to traditional shingles. They became a popular choice for homeowners due to their affordable price point and seemingly similar appearance to true architectural shingles. Although they looked nice to the naked eye, Atlas Chalet Shingles were defective and easily susceptible to damage. From cracking in hot temperatures to forming gas bubbles when exposed to moisture, Atlas Chalet Shingles were nothing short of disappointing. This frustration led to Atlas Chalet Shingle recalls and eventual discontinuation of the product.

How to Identify Atlas Chalet Shingles

Because Atlas Chalet Shingles were discontinued in the 2010s, they still exist on some homes. If you’re shopping for a new house, it’s important to know how to identify Atlas Chalet Shingles. Here are some key characteristics to look out for during your house hunting:

  • Keyways: Atlas Chalet Shingles have divisions between each tab. True architectural shingles do not have keyways.
  • Shadow lines: Atlas Chalet Shingles have dark granules that create an illusion of shingle layering. When you see a roof with shadow lines, chances are it was constructed with Atlas Chalet Shingles.
  • Three tabs: True architectural shingles have two tabs while Atlas Chalet Shingles have three.

If you discover that your future dream home has Atlas Chalet Shingles, there is no need to panic. However, we recommend hiring a licensed roofing contractor like Five Points Roofing Company to install a new roof before settling in. Even slight weather damage to Atlas Chalet Shingles can require a full roof replacement, so it’s best to invest in a high-quality roof rather than risk potential severe damage down the line.

What If I have Atlas Chalet Shingles?

First, we recommend scheduling a free roof inspection with us as soon as possible. Our roof inspectors will determine whether or not you have damaged Atlas Chalet Shingles, help you file an appropriate home insurance claim if needed, and answer any shingle roofing questions at no cost to you. Also, most home insurance companies cover roof replacement costs for homeowners with damaged Atlas Chalet Shingles. The majority of successful claims that we see require little to no out-of-pocket costs for homeowners once they reach their deductible.

Once you’re ready to schedule your roof replacement, get in touch with us. We provide HAAG-certified roofing in Nashville, TN, and the surrounding areas. Our local roofers strictly use high-quality architectural shingles for all roof replacements and installations, and they always come with a warranty.

Licensed Roofing Contractors Near Me in Middle Tennessee

Whether you’re searching for the best roofing companies in your area for a free roof inspection or a full roof replacement, don’t hesitate to contact Five Points Roofing Company. We are experts in identifying Atlas Chalet Shingles and installing new shingle roofs. Our professional roofers proudly serve Nashville, Brentwood, Spring Hill, Franklin, Murfreesboro, and all other locations in Middle Tennessee.