For anyone who’s ever dealt with a property damage insurance claim, you know how time-consuming and frustrating the process can be. During an already stressful time, you’re tasked with getting together the necessary documentation to secure the settlement you deserve and without the proper help, this can be a daunting process.

By enlisting the team at Five Points Roofing, you can breathe a sigh of relief and know you’re in good hands during this difficult time. Here are the results we recently achieved for three of our valued clients in the great state of Tennessee.

Claim in Franklin, TN

 Original Estimate: $26,435

Final Settled Estimate: $183,126

Increase: $156,691

A client was feeling hopeless when they submitted a claim for a full roof repair and received a denial. The original estimate they received was a mere $26,4235, which wouldn’t make a dent in their repair costs. Fortunately, they enlisted our assistance in advocating for their claim, and the original decision was reversed, resulting in a final settled estimate of $183,126. Insurance ended up covering the full roof replacement and our client was overjoyed at the $156,691 settlement amount increase.

Claim in Ashland City, TN

Original Estimate: $5,368

Final Settled Estimate: $121,469

Increase: $116,101

Like many of our clients facing down high-powered insurance companies, they weren’t sure what recourse they had when they received a coverage denial for their full roof replacement. In fact, the original estimate of $5,368 was well below the amount needed to fully replace their damaged roof. By enlisting our help, this unfair decision was fully reversed and their full roof replacement was covered. They received a final settled estimate of $121,469 –  an increase of $116,101!

Claim in Brentwood, TN

 Original Estimate: $44,075

Final Settled Estimate: $114,817

Increase: $70,742

 Before contacting us, our client was tirelessly wrestling with their insurance company to cover the replacement of their roof and gutters. Allstate provided them an original estimate of $44,075 which was only enough to cover a portion of their repairs.  Thankfully, this client decided to have our skilled representatives negotiate a fair settlement amount on their behalf. We were able to secure a final settled estimate of $114,817, which was a full $70,742 over the original amount.

 How We Can Help

Our skilled team will help you thoroughly assess your claim, collect the necessary paperwork and documents to submit to your insurance representative, and advocate for a fair settlement on your behalf. Insurance companies know that most homeowners possess little to no knowledge about the claims process, and many companies will use this lack of clear, concise information to shortchange your final settlement amount.

With our assistance, you’ll have all the firepower you need to earn a settlement of the full amount of what you lost, not just part of it. We’ll manage your claim from start to finish, and make sure you get the treatment and compensation you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our proven track record of securing our clients the best settlements possible!

Insurance Claim Adjustments from Five Points Roofing in Middle Tennessee